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It's Time to Put Yourself First, & Get BACK TO YOUR BEING

Are you… 


 A busy, driven woman struggling to find time to care for her OWN needs?

 Unable to tell the difference between cravings and hunger?

 Uncomfortable after you eat or hungry shortly after?

 Tired of not making yourself a priority?

 Overwhelmed when it comes to what and how you "should" be eating?

✨ Uncertain about your sense of self?

✨ Struggling to stay consistent with or actually implementing healthy habits?

✨ Stuck in cycles of believing you'll never be good enough?

Start feeling like the best version of yourself

With accountability, guidance and group support, you've found a safe place to dig deep and discover your truest self!

Back to Your Body Group Coaching Program-13.png

Coaching Options



Coaching offered at Monthly Group Coaching Sessions with Katherine and on-going support through the Group Community Chat.

Personalized Support


Coaching through all group platforms as well as two 45 minute 1:1 coaching sessions with Katherine.

Fully Guided


Coaching through all group platforms, two 45 min coaching sessions, PLUS ten 30 min weekly accountability sessions with Katherine.

What’s Included


✨ Your Very Own "Back to Your BEING Portal" with all Recorded Modules, Trainings, Homework, & Resources

✨ 12+ weeks of Meal Plan examples

✨ Bank of 400+ Bonus Recipes from Meal Garden

✨ 4 Month Access to all material including Monthly Group Coaching (1 year for Fully Guided Journey)



Complete Guide to the Discovery Diet
Personal Food and Mood Journal Template
Supplement Checklist Te
Katherine’s Preferred Food Alternatives List
Meal Planning and Grocery Lists
The Chakra Connection Rebalancing Guide
High Vibe Journaling Workbook
3 Step Guide to Releasing Stress Workbook
Seed Cycling for Hormone Balance & Menstrual Cycle Regulation Guide
Recorded Guided Meditations
Weekly Body Movement Videos by Sarah Bresnahan (Certified Yoga Instructor)
+ any new additional resources that ensue



✨ Intuitive Energy Session with Melina from Curative Nature (Energy Practitioner) 

✨  Discovery Jump Start Supplement Package from CellCore
+20% off any additional professional grade supplements from Fullscript for 1 YEAR!!
(for Personalized Support and Fully Guided Journeys only)

Leaves Shadows

Client Testimonials

Learning about my body’s specific needs allowed me to make informed decisions regarding my daily food intake and lifestyle choices. I can now make choices that are authentic to my needs which is so much more helpful than a cookie cutter diet regime.

-Jen L.

Ready to dive in?

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