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Empowering you to live your Highest Vibing Life through Mind, Body and Spiritual connection.

Hey thereSoul Sister

Welcome to this sacred corner of the universe, where energy flows, spirits connect, and transformations unfold--

I'm thrilled you've landed here. 

The Mind Body Spirit Mama mission is to illuminate the path to self-realization and ultimately self-love. We are here to support and encourage your spiritual awakening through intuitive guidance and energy healing for the mind, body and soul. The time is NOW to step into your true purpose and start co-creating the life you desire!

Are you ready?

Katherine Peloso Smith
Leaves Shadows

Let's Work Together

Self Love Activation Experience

Group Program

The Self Love Activation Experience is a 6-week discovery journey designed to guide you in uncovering the depths of your truest self. Through supported introspection, empowering coaching sessions, and a supportive community, you can embrace your story, confront your blocks, heal your wounds, express your authenticity, and radiate your light! Discover WHO you are on all levels of your BEING, and activate the profound LOVE you have for HER.  

Mind Body Spirit Method

1:1 Intuitive Coaching 

The Mind Body Spirit Method is a transformational journey to healing the mind, body and soul. Through one on one intuitive SOUL sessions with Katherine, you have access to the highest level of healing available to you through direct connection with Spirit. Each session provides you with guidance to uncover, release and call in all that is meant for you. The MBSM incorporates holistic intuitive coaching and energy medicine healing to support you in aligning with your TRUEST Self, and living your Highest Vibing Life!

Katherine Peloso Smith

Meet Katherine Peloso Smith

I'm a Spiritual Coach and Intuitive Soul Guide dedicated to empowering you to nourish your entire BEING optimally through holistic wellness practices, high vibrational energies, and a deep connection to SELF and SOURCE. 


I practice a complete mind, body, and spirit approach to uncovering the root causes of your challenges and use real-life, spiritually-guided recommendations to guide you in manifesting your dreams, with the natural flow of the universe!

Leaves Shadows

Client Testimonials

Mind blown! I highly recommend a 1:1 intuitive soul session with Katherine. She's professional. She's knowledgeable on ALL levels. Her space is warm, comforting, non-judgmental, and insightful. The perfect ingredients for open communication and healing to occur. I have SO much respect for her, and I promise you will want to book more and more❤️ Thank you Katherine🙏

Staci B.

Mind Body Spirit Mama
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