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Empowering you to achieve your ultimate wellness potential through mind, body and spiritual connection.

Welcome beautiful

I help you reconnect to your truest self by teaching you how to tune in to your mind, body, soul, and "clear the fog" to discover what actually works for you and what doesn't in regards to your holistic wellness.


I'll guide you in designing your 'Ultimate Intuitive Lifestyle' where you feel confident and empowered to make sustainable health choices that support you in reaching your long-term wellness goals!

Are you ready?

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Let's Work Together

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Self Discovery Program

Back to Your Being is a 12-week self-discovery wellness program designed to guide you in creating your ultimate intuitive lifestyle. It begins with a specially curated 3-step process of 'Clearing the Fog' to return your BEING to neutrality. From here you will discover which foods, thoughts, beliefs, habits, movements, practices, and more are nourishing your being BEST and which ones are possibly blocking your ability to achieve your optimal wellness.


1:1 Coaching Program

The Mind Body Spirit Method is a 6-month transformational journey designed to target your individual health challenges and have you living into your ultimate wellness potential through customized and intuitive holistic health coaching. If you are looking to make some transformational changes in your life but want some personalized guidance to see it through, this is for you.


Meet Katherine Peloso Smith

I'm a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Spiritual Wellness Coach dedicated to empowering you to nourish your entire BEING optimally through natural health practices, high vibrational energies, and a deep connection to SELF and SOURCE. 


I practice a complete mind, body, and spirit approach to uncovering the root causes of health concerns and use real-life, practical tactics to guide you in achieving your wildest, wellness dreams!

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Client Testimonials

I started working with Katherine as I was struggling with continued digestion issues and overall fatigue. I found our time together enlightening and informative. Katherine directed me through adjustments to my diet and provided options for improving sleep patterns. I highly recommend Katherine's approach. She is supportive, understanding and very knowledgeable, and also very fun!  It's nice to know you have someone on your side! 

-Carrie S.

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