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Are you ready to finally…

✨ Improve your relationship with food?

✨ Increase your energy and elevate your mood NATURALLY?

✨ Eat your meals and feel GOOD afterwards?

✨ Get in tune with your individual wellness needs?

✨ Achieve long-term, sustainable results that don't take WORK to maintain?

Its 100% Possible

The Mind Body Spirit Method considers your individual health goals and creates a comprehensive and personalized plan designed just for you!

In The Next 6 Months, You Can...

✨ Reduce Inflammation

✨ Release Weight

✨ Balance Hormones

✨ Increase Energy

✨ Improve Stress Response

✨ Optimize Digestion and Gut Health ...and So Much More!!


The possibilities are endless! With total personalized support, there are no rocks left unturned!


Take Control of Your Wellness

This 180 Day program will teach you everything you need to know to optimize your health AND sustain it! You’ll learn how to:


✨ Tune in and LISTEN to your body

✨ Recognize thoughts and beliefs that are not serving you and let them go

✨ Tap into your intuitive self to create long-term sustainable results

With a simple shift in your mindset and some smart nutritional practices, you can start living the life you've always desired!

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’M POSSIBLE

- Audrey Hepburn


What’s Included

Intuitive Coaching

✨ 1:1 Coaching Sessions with Katherine

✨ 90 minute initial consultation (full health history, goals, and designing your personalized plan)

✨ 12x bi-weekly private coaching sessions

✨ Completely personalized to you and your needs. All completely virtual and booked at times that work best with your schedule. 


Nutrition Support 

✨ Meal Plans, Recipes, Food Guides and more! 

✨ 6 months of personalized meal plans and recipes

✨ Access to the exclusive online meal planning and recipe portal- "Meal Garden"

✨ Katherine's Preferred Food Alternatives List of healthy convenient food items and where to find them

✨ Specific food lists, grocery shopping support and all other guides and bonus materials

✨ All food and diet recommendations are backed up with examples, guides and support. You're NEVER left to figure it out on your own! 


Supplement and Lifestyle Support

✨ An Experienced Holistic Nutritionist and Life Coach in Your Corner

✨ This program is completely comprehensive-- you will also receive:

✨ Supplement recommendations and protocols to suit your goals

✨ 20% off all recommended supplements through Fullscript

✨ Voice note communication with Katherine to answer any questions between sessions

✨ 110% accountability, support and motivation from Katherine as your #1 Cheerleader!

✨ You’ll finish this program with more insight about your health than you've ever experienced before!



The High Vibes Only Club

1 year access to the transformational course on how to Raise your Vibration and change your life! 

Key Mindset Practices

✨ Physical examples to implement

✨ How to connect with your higher self to continue sustainable wellness

✨ Complete this course at your own pace and watch what begins to open up for you!

✨ 8+ Back to Your Being Training Videos

Leaves Shadows

Client Testimonials

I feel better than I have in over 10 years! Since working with Katherine and her program my whole mindset has shifted around nutrition and I have learned so much! I understand my body now and feel empowered to make decisions to eat what makes me feel great! My mood has drastically increased, my mental fog has cleared, I have lost bloat, inflammation , 20 pounds and even more inches. I have gained confidence, self-esteem, ENERGY and a much better sense of self. I am so so grateful for the knowledge, support and expertise Katherine has shared with me!

-Jillia B.

The Mind Body Spirit Method Is For You If...

You are 110% committed to leveling up your wellness and ready to show up and do the work to get you there 

You are open to new possibilities and concepts, and are willing to experiment new ideas with a beginners mindset

You want to feel confident in your well-being and not at the mercy of your circumstances

You're ready to be the creator of how you feel physically, mentally and emotionally

You know you are destined for better and you're ready to now see it through!

Let's Work Together!


This 1:1 coaching experience is by application only, as spaces are limited to provide clients with the highest level of attention and support.

If you're serious about making big shifts in your life and ready to transform your wellness, I invite you to apply below!

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