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If you’re a busy woman trying to do it all, feeling foggy and struggling to prioritize her SELF, I get it - I’ve been there!

This is why I am here now– to guide you through the fog, using my knowledge and experience in holistic health, while also incorporating my intuitive connection and spiritual/energetic guidance, to help you get to the root cause of your concerns and heal, release, support and enhance, exactly what needs to be! 

Nothing in life is attainable or sustainable without PURPOSE.

- Katherine Peloso Smith

My Why

Tuning into my body and learning to listen to my own needs completely changed my life. Back in my twenties, there was a period of about 5 years where I experienced everything from painful breakouts, major fatigue, bloating, stomach pains, indigestion, calorie obsessing, irregular periods, night sweats and more.


After a blanket diagnosis of IBS (that I refused to accept) I began to take control of my health by researching and connecting with alternative practitioners and healers, and in conjunction with their recommendations AND doing the work of taking a deeper look at myself as an energetic being, I was able to reconnect to MY BODY, clear MY MIND and discover a SPIRIT I was unaware I even had! 

Leaves Shadows

I've gone through all the ups and downs; dealing with disordered eating, hormonal imbalances, bouts of anxiety/depression, navigating motherhood, and discovering my Divine Purpose. Through it all, I have been able to create a lifestyle that is entirely intuitive to my needs. I'm able to ebb and flow with what works best for me and in turn continue to live my healthiest, most nourishing life.


I'm now no longer at the mercy of my food, environment or experiences-- 

I am in the driver seat and DAMN it feels good!! 


I truly believe that going through everything I did has brought me to discover my purpose in helping others-- because if I can do it, SO CAN YOU!

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How I work as a Spiritual Wellness Coach

a spiritual wellness coach is someone who...

...connects with your higher self, and spirit to relay helpful information for you and your wellness goals...

...helps you connect with your truest self to learn and understand your mind, body and soul on a holistic level...

...provides you with support in navigating wellness related decisions, challenges and goals...

...helps you uncover your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks to release what is limiting your quest to achieving your highest wellness potential... with you to design your ultimate intuitive lifestyle - a long-term sustainable way of living in alignment with your wellness goals and highest life purpose...

Let’s Work Together

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